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Piano Lessons in Adelaide

Our revolutionary piano programmes assure rapid growth by requiring students to play, delivering consistent outcomes, and allowing them to have fun while learning! It provides the learner with several other benefits, such as enhanced confidence, concentration, and creativity, to mention a few.

Individual, group, children and kids and adult piano lessons are available at Greek Music School in Adelaide, South Australia.
Piano Lessons in Adelaide

Beginners Lessons

Beginner students will learn essential note reading, sight-reading, and beginner piano rhythms and techniques. Once they build a solid technical foundation, students can explore the different piano genres available to a piano player like contemporary, classical, Australian Music Examination Board Exams, jazz, etc. We, Greek Music School, are the best to build your foundation.

Intermediate & Advanced Lessons

Intermediate and advanced piano players are encouraged to enroll in our technique and theory classes, designed to help them graduate to the next level of piano playing. Our tutors may help students with AMEB exams, performance preparations, Year 12 Music, or playing the piano for fun.

Piano lessons are available for students of all ages and abilities. We educate kids as young as three years old, and we encourage adults to take classes as well; it's never too late to learn to play the piano. Our teachers will do all necessary to motivate and inspire pupils to help them achieve the best possible results. Visit our website to learn more about your lessons.

Lessons On The Piano For 4-Year-Olds

We recently established piano classes for the four-year-olds programme, which has been an enormous success. Learning to play the piano helps children develop critical motor and cognitive skills that are only beginning to emerge in four-year-olds. We use these mental concepts to interest children learning to play the piano, allowing them to pick up the instrument fast and effortlessly. Please call us on (08)-7225 1989 / (04)-9734 8253 or email us at

Piano Lessons Types:

We offer the following piano lessons for students of all levels:

Beginner piano lessons, adult piano lessons, young beginner piano lessons, technique courses, exam preparation, contemporary piano, classical piano, jazz piano, piano for leisure syllabus, piano improvisation, AMEB piano preparation, piano theory, Diploma level piano lessons

If you are looking for the best piano class lesson in Adelaide, Greek Music School is the best place. We provide the best piano lesson of all time. To get further details, visit our website You can always call us on (08)-7225 1989 / (04)-9734 8253 or email us at

FAQs About Piano Classes

1. What are the vast varieties of pianos?

A grand piano, an upright piano, a digital piano, and a keyboard are all available. The size and quantity of keys and other features such as pedals or no pedals, weighted keys, and dynamic touch can all be customised. Before purchasing a piano, it is best to look at it and listen to it. Preferences, size, and money all play a role in determining which is best for you.

2. Is it necessary to have a keyboard or a piano at home?

Yes! Whether you rent or buy a piano is entirely up to you. Consider the attributes you desire from the instrument as well as its longevity. As the student improves and plays increasingly complicated works, pianos or keyboards with fewer keys may hinder advancement. Having the ability to practice at home reinforces what you learn in class. If you play only during your classes, you will make plodding progress.

3. Is there anything I need to bring to the lesson?

Yes, your music book/sheet music and your music diary.

4. Is it too early to start learning the piano at five?

No, although it may be more difficult for them. Learning to read music might be difficult for pupils because they are still developing their reading skills. A five-year-handspan old's fine motor abilities might also be challenging. Using age-appropriate resources aids in the successful and pleasurable learning of younger kids.

5. How frequently should I practice the piano?

If not every day, then most of the time. The more you practice, the more probable you will make rapid development.

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