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Benefits of learning with Greek Music School

Learn Greek songs from an awarded Greek Music teacher. Explore a unique music culture and its different music styles. Improve your Greek language skills through singing Greek songs. Customised learning based on your needs. Get feedback on your learning and make your practice fun! Get qualified in Greek Music or Classical Music. Learn Byzantine Music and its unique vocal notation which enhances your singing skills.


Years of Experience

with over 25 years of teaching experience. We offer lessons to students of all ages and abilities.


Full personal support.

Your music learning experience is our utmost priority.

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Classical Music

Including Violin, Piano, Baroque violin, Tomatis Method and Singing

Greek Music

Including Violin, Lyra, Percussion, Byzantine Music, and Singing



Singing Lesson

Greek Music School is where young singers and aspiring vocalists go to learn the fundamentals of singing like breathing, posture and diction. These basic principles are key to strong vocal performances.


Piano Lesson

Piano lessons are vastly different from traditional one-on-one beginner piano lessons that most students end up dreading.


Violin Lesson

Just starting out on violin? Get started with these beginner violin chords and play like a pro in no time. Learn more at Greek Music School now.

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Why Us

Why Choose Us

Expert Teacher

Trained, supervised, professional teacher

Location Flexibility

Taking online lessons means no traveling to a teacher’s home, school or studio. No more lugging instruments around town and there are more options for scheduling.


Our cost is lower for online services as travel time is completely cut out. Online lessons are more cost-effective than studio or local lessons.

Motivating content

In order to make learning music enjoyable, the pieces you’ll study were chosen not only for their educational value, but also to motivate you!

Quality lessons

Enjoy quality teaching at every level! It’s all been carefully studied to provide you with the best possible learning experience!

A structured learning method

It’s important to know what your level is and be able to easily find the content you’re looking for. That’s why our material is organized into detailed courses and curriculums.


“ Is a great place for people who has passion and dream for music and want to make a career or hobby.Its difficult to leave this place at the end of the day. The only good place to learn music. I'm genuinely very happy and proud to be the part of this school.”

“I had a lot of fun, but I also believe I improved even with just one meeting. After the lesson and some practice, my band conductor even gave me a compliment on my oboe playing!. ”

“ I think this is a wonderful system - there was no connection issues on my end and I feel like I can learn an exceptional amount using this platform to take a few lessons with such an incredible musician and person. ”

Rosa D.

Joseph S.

Ilias K.